Sunday, February 14, 2010

Magical Moment for Bilodeau

He is the first ever Canadian athlete to win an Olympic gold medal on Canadian land, yes.
He will have his name put into the Canadian hall of fame, yes.
But perhaps his biggest achievement is not one he's accomplished on the mountain, but more the role he plays at home - in his older brother, Frederic's, life.

Alexandre Bilodeau is a 22 year old freestyle skier from Quebec. In the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics, he finished 11th. Upon being disappointed in himself for not doing better, he was immediately cheered by his own inspiration: His older brother.

Alex's brother, Frederic Bilodeau, has Cerebal Palsy. Although told that he would not be able to walk by age 10, he is still walking and now 28 years old. He even skies a bit, one of the reasons Alex originally chose to go into skiing in the first place.

Alex has said before that when times get tough in his sport, and he doesn't feel like he can go on, his brother Frederic has always been there for him, reminding him - what if he wasn't able to do his sport at all? What if he didn't have a choice?
At the end of today's mogul race, Frederic was at the end of the run, waiting for Alex and cheering him on wildly.
Frederic isn't just able to put things into perspective for Alex, he is always there to celebrate and support his brother through anything.

Frederic isn't the only one cheering on Alex, though. Fans and Canadians all over are now buzzing about our hero, the one who ended Canada's long stretch without a gold medal on Canadian turf.

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  1. What an amazing story! I just saw the montage on TV and it brought tears to my eyes. Just amazing!


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