Tuesday, December 22, 2009

52 Days to Go

When we first step outside each morning we are now greeted by a draft of chilling air. As we walk, frost crunches beneath our boots or we may even slip across ice. We are wearing scarves, mittens, and toques.
Usually this change in our atmosphere is the symbol of hope for many of us: the winter holidays are almost here! Something to look forward to after slaving away at work since the summer.
This year however, the extra special wintery feeling that is hanging in the air is not just due to the holiday season, but more so to the event we are so anticipating: The 2010 Winter Olympic/Paralympic Games!

We have 52 days to go now, and it seems as though BC may be more ready than ever. Our mountains are looking good with fresh snow, and all of the tickets to see the games (approximately 1.6 million) are sold out.

This should be a great experience for all of us, and it is sure to create many good memories.
To my delight, I have been accepted as a junior reporter for these games, and so I will be able to keep blogging and possibly interview some people participating in them!

Have a great winter break, everyone!

Friday, November 13, 2009

VancouverGirl to be an Olympic reporter?

Earlier today, a pregnant woman due to go into labour ran with the Olympic torch as part of the torch's run across our nation.
Is that inspiring, or is it just me who thinks so?
To me, I find the olympics to be a special event that, in a way, connects the many different nations of our world and brings them together. Although we celebrate our many talented athletes, we are also celebrating the people of our world coming together in excitement and anticipation. What makes us different is usually what wrongly separates us, but during the Games we are brought together because of it. I think that this is what makes the olympics so magical and I would really love to be a part of it.
There is a contest being held at studentslive.ca, and I finally decided to enter it today. I'll admit, my younger brother convinced me to. When he first told me about it, I thought it would be amazing to try and enter this contest and possibly become a student reporter for 2010 olympic games, right here in my home town! Then, reality came down on me: would I really win a contest that so many talented students will be entering? So I eventually decided to give it a try.
I think that I would be a good reporter mainly because of my passion for the written word. I just finished an extracurricular writing course held at night school, and I was previously exclusively accepted as a Writer's Club member. I am also passionate about people; I am a people person who loves to talk and communicate with others. Is there not a job more perfect for me than reporter? I am also a competitive figure skater, and so being able to see and report on my own idols would be incredible.
I speak English and I am currently learning French and Spanish at school.
Not only would this be such a great experience - getting an insider view into the 2010games, but it would also expand my communication skills. I thank this organization so much for putting this opportunity out here for us students!
Here goes!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

$500M for a Retractable Roof?

It has come to my attention recently that the new retractable roof that is being planned to go on BC Place stadium is going to cost near $500,000,000.

Am I the only one who thinks that this is slightly ridiculous? Actually, you might even call me outraged.

A retractable roof will be amazing, yes, and it will certainly improve the enjoyment levels of all those die-hard fans out there, but just look at that huge budget!

Vancouver has starving people on its streets, is suffering from the bad economy, and people won't stop talking about how quickly our planet is dying due to our environmental stupidness. Through all these faults and problems, we can somehow afford the $500 million to spend on extravagance??
If you want extravagance, you can always go to Las Vegas, Dubai, Paris, etc...why does Vancouver want to become the same as those places? For tourists or other people coming to Vancouver, they should be able to capture the real essence of our community, one that has spirit and individuality. Not one that has streets laced with poor people but a retractable roof sitting on a stadium and looking like $500 million!

Maybe I am overreacting, or being too opinionated, but I think not. Let me know what you think.

I think that whoever decided this roof would be a good idea needs to get a serious reality check...
Come on guys, sort out your priorities!!

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