Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowball Throwers Petition to put their sport into the Games

While everyone is excited about the upcoming Olympics, none are as excited as the members of the IFST.
The IFST, also known as the International Federation of Snowball Throwing, is an organization promoting the sport of snowball throwing. The group is hoping to be able to represent their sport at the Games, and is also hoping to "get some more ink on their petition", which would help them get into the Olympics.
You can view their plan at
"We've come too far and thrown too many snowballs to miss our goal," the site says, adding that although they've been practicing hard on their throwing skills, they now need to focus on getting more attention to their sport.
Their website includes tutorials on throwing exercises and the proper uniform needed for snowball throwing.

I was told about this by a friend the other day, who was bewildered at the fact that something like snowball throwing could get into the Olympics.
So I searched this topic up, and I found the website representing the IFST.
And here is the catch:

At the very bottom of their web page, in tiny print, a box describes:

"*Although snowball throwers are portayed as serious athletes, this blog and IFST petition are not. Let's be real, the content on this page is about snowballs and is designed to entertain. It's a parody site paid for by the Coca-Cola Company with the intent of generating excitement for the upcoming Games".

Well, isn't that interesting.

It is curious how there is now being artifical hype spread, but I guess that that's part of the package that comes along with the Games. Also, the fact that it's one of the Olympics' sponsors that is putting out the fake hype.

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