Friday, November 13, 2009

VancouverGirl to be an Olympic reporter?

Earlier today, a pregnant woman due to go into labour ran with the Olympic torch as part of the torch's run across our nation.
Is that inspiring, or is it just me who thinks so?
To me, I find the olympics to be a special event that, in a way, connects the many different nations of our world and brings them together. Although we celebrate our many talented athletes, we are also celebrating the people of our world coming together in excitement and anticipation. What makes us different is usually what wrongly separates us, but during the Games we are brought together because of it. I think that this is what makes the olympics so magical and I would really love to be a part of it.
There is a contest being held at, and I finally decided to enter it today. I'll admit, my younger brother convinced me to. When he first told me about it, I thought it would be amazing to try and enter this contest and possibly become a student reporter for 2010 olympic games, right here in my home town! Then, reality came down on me: would I really win a contest that so many talented students will be entering? So I eventually decided to give it a try.
I think that I would be a good reporter mainly because of my passion for the written word. I just finished an extracurricular writing course held at night school, and I was previously exclusively accepted as a Writer's Club member. I am also passionate about people; I am a people person who loves to talk and communicate with others. Is there not a job more perfect for me than reporter? I am also a competitive figure skater, and so being able to see and report on my own idols would be incredible.
I speak English and I am currently learning French and Spanish at school.
Not only would this be such a great experience - getting an insider view into the 2010games, but it would also expand my communication skills. I thank this organization so much for putting this opportunity out here for us students!
Here goes!


  1. Smart intro! What's the Writer's Club? Sounds like a good opportunity.

  2. It may be inspiring, but it is also kind of gross. What if she did go into labour and the torch ended up acting as an impromptu midwife. Then, everybody would be passing along the torch and...

    Anyway, that is quite an impressive resume, Genny, from the figure skating to the writing accomplishments.

    It is too bad that you could not make it to the Students Live meeting this afternoon and we hope to see you when we reconvene in three weeks.


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