Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lack of Snow at Cypress means less practice time for snowboarders

This past Saturday, about 50 trucks were shipping snow to Cypress Mountain.
This is all due to the lack of snow on the mountain from the surprisingly mild winter tempertures Vancouver has been experiencing these past few months.

Now, however, there are more extreme measures being taken.

Vanoc decided to cut off two practice days for the halfpipe snowboarders to help snow stay on the mountain, although Tim Gayda, the vice-president of Sport for Vanoc says that this should have no affect on the athletes.

Hopefully it doesn't!


  1. That's crazy; 50 trucks! I guess they have to do what they have to do. No weather is going to stop these Winter Games from being a success. But I like this is by far the warmest winter we've ever had, and this is the one time where we want it cold.

  2. Well to go along with the lack of snow, And the 50 tuck loads, I heard they were payed $500-1000 per truck load. In my opinion its pretty sad that cypress has no snow when its raining down here in the lower main land.


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